How Milligram Works

We use the best search feature and capability to find the lowest and best prices for your medications.

Milligram was created as a web-based medication price transparency engine. Our software helps patients and providers find medication at the lowest price in any given zip code. Our translations support English, Spanish, Tagalog and Chinese. With our three data partners, Milligram searches prices of medications nationwide at 65,000+ pharmacies, offering the lowest prices on the internet.

Milligram can analyze in detail prescription claims data of self-insured entities, like companies and governments, and see the margins that insurance companies, pharmacy benefit managers and pharmacies exact upon us. Milligram can then provide a road map showing many ways for employers and/or employees to save money on their medication spend.

Milligram is not an insurance company or a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), whose incentive are to make not save money, but can help work alongside and in parallel with these entities.

Milligram advocates for employer and employee. It does the work and to search for and identify opportunities. Milligram also has a smartphone app that can notify and “push” information to employees linking them to significant savings.

When Milligram is involved, compliance and adherence with medications get better. Accordingly, health and health outcomes improve and individuals become more productive and have greater presenteeism.

Milligram Features & Benefits

What Milligram Offers

Milligram can address both the employee experience and/or population management.


Search and save pharmacies of your choice that are nearest you. We offer discounts from big name companies to small, privately owned stores.


Keep your medicines organized with alerts, reminders and interaction warnings between multiple medicines. Sign up for MedCab for free today.


The Switch Engine allows healthcare professionals to find the best drug for their patients at the best price, allowing an appropriate and affordable treatment plan to be developed.


Prescription prices are updated on a regular basis to assure that you are always getting the best deal!


Safety alerts and drug-drug interaction warnings will keep you up to date and on track with your medicines.


Drug pricing updated daily at 65,000 pharmacies. Your pharmacy pricing versus less expensive alternative pharmacies.

Companies wishing to alter the trajectory of healthcare spend can focus on –

  1. the employee experience and/or
  2. population management.

The former focuses on the employees’ experience and strives to help them navigate through the challenging waters of healthcare. Often, this approach does not necessarily save the employer money and if it does, it may do so indirectly.

Population (and disease) management may use predictive analytics and risk assessment to help guide decision making and pare costs for employers.

Milligram listens to the needs of the company and their employees and works with the employer as a strategic partner to mitigate those needs, in particular, lowering costs.

Milligram can serve as analyst, consultant and strategist, and advocate.

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