How Milligram Works

We use the best search feature and capability to find the lowest and best prices for your medications.

Milligram was created as a web-based medication price transparency engine. Our software helps patients and providers find medication at the lowest price in any given zip code. Our translations support English, Spanish, Tagalog and Chinese. With our three data partners, Milligram searches prices of medications nationwide at 65,000+ pharmacies, offering the lowest prices on the internet.

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Download the app or use the website. Type in your prescription name and zip code, and hit search. Milligram will give you a full list of local pharmacies with discounted prices.

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You can adjust your preferences and view a map to make sure that you’re choosing the best location. Select the best option for you and you’ll be given a voucher.

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Print out a voucher and bring it to the pharmacy for your Milligram price or present the barcode on your smartphone to the pharmacist. Save money!