Milligram Drug Search. Why Use Milligram?


Milligram is a website and app that allows patients to print vouchers to help them save money on their medications. We offer greater cost savings and more pharmacies to choose from versus our competitors.

Our advantages include:

  1. Dual Facing: Consumer & Clinician
    Milligram is designed for all levels of prescriptions, providers and patients. We designed our application to always create the best situation for patients.
  2. Switch Engine/Batch Search
    The Switch Engine allows physicians to create a proper medical plan for their patients; which include the correct prescriptions and dosage that fit their financial and health needs. Explore the Search Engine
  3. Medicine Cabinet & Safety
    Patients can rely on their online medicine cabinet to organize their prescriptions. The Medicine Cabinet will not only update when they require a refill, but alert of drug interactions/safety warnings. Create an account
  4. Independent Pharmacies
    Our coupons are used in a variety of locations including: big name companies such as Walmart and Target, plus your local mom and pop pharmacies. The code is easy to redeem and used just like insurance.
  5. Deeper Search/Mining
    The prices and content on our application are updated constantly. This is guaranteeing the lowest pricing available whether in store or online.